Mario Kart 8 Removes Race Time?!

What the hell?  Ever since the original Mario Kart on the SNES, it was awesome to see just how close to the millisecond you won a race by.  Now, for some reason, Mario Kart 8 no longer shows you how long a race took nor how close passing the finish line was.

Remember this type of chart at the end of every race?  Well, apparently in Mario Kart 8, this is no longer allowed.

With recent re-releases of old RTS classics like Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations,  wouldn’t it be amazing if Command & Conquer / Red Alert also got such an update?  Just imagine: Steam release, achievements, super high-res, maybe even more detailed graphics, easy to use map maker with Steam Workshop support and a fully functioning online play community.  Guaranteed top seller.

Great podcast with one of the founders of Metacritic discussing how the site works.

"only 1.5% of players active in the month surveyed made an in-app purchase in that month."

Could most of that 1.5% or 0.15% just be mobile game reviewers themselves, paying to see all content and hence enabling this kind of gaming model to exist?!  Then, they complain about what they themselves helped create?!

Tried playing Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (top screenshots) but can’t see anything among all that ugly cluttered and over-detailed map.  Ugh, everything just blends in and looks like somebody went wild with the tree brush tool!  Original (bottom screenshots) looks so much sharper, better and more legible, making it much more playable.